Wednesday, March 15, 2006

watch the fuck out.
this is a boy in a skeleton costume drawing

watch the fuck out.
this is a man in a redneck costume drawing. actually he is the drummer for a band called The Lazerwolfs. i have never heard their music but i want to.

have you ever really thought about how gross kissing is. like, somtimes when i was doing it i would laugh because its just so gross. i mean its fun or whatever but so is eating ice cream, and that came out of cow boobies. but now that i got dumped i don't kiss people anymore.

this is a twenty dollar bill i got out of my wallet. i don't find those often so i got excited and decided to make a painting about it. if you want to buy the painting it costs $20. i think that's fair.

indian guts. $20.

this is a super top secret preview of a super top secret painting. eric and i found that wood in soho and carried it all the way back. its so big and i was worried i wouldn't have enough ideas to put on it. i'm still worried about that so instead of filling it with ideas i'll fill it with colors. its not done yet but it'll be super expensive. sometimes, like when i need money for food, i really hope my soul is marketable.

ok. i saw this a few nights ago. this kind of thing happens all the time in my room and i have recently started to ignore the insanity because it has become so normal. but then i was like, this is totally nuts. what is this kid doing? this isn't normal. i looked up from my computer and saw tony like brushing his teeth.

then he saw that i took a picture and posed because spreading his hairy italian legs for photos is one of his favorite things to do.

after tony brushes his teeth he usually likes to look at himself in the mirror. i'm not joking. this is what he does.

tony is single, by the way, and quite a catch. if you are a single female between the ages of 17 and 25 give tony a call. he's got a cute butt and a cute smile.

some hippie jumps.

that's totally mr. recipe from QVC. maybe your aunt and uncle have seen him. apparently he's a legend for his use of vanilla in cooking. on his business card it says that he trademarked the name "mr. recipe". pretty cool i guess.

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