Sunday, March 19, 2006

sorry didn't ask.

lazerwolf fuck yeah

sorry its so blurry. it says "royal inbreeding had its problems while god stepped out for a smoke". $20.

people are always like why do you always use pink blue and yellow. i say that its because i have a lot of those colors because i found them for really cheap one time. like i have a whole gallon of pink because it was a $2 paint store mistake. so i have to use it. the same with yellow and the same with blue. people never believe me when i say that's why i use those colors so much. but look. that's light blue for $1. why wouldn't i use it. if i found green for a dollar i'd use that too but i haven't found any.

silver jews why weren't you there? they all look like your boring uncle.

those retards were trying to see stars from new york city.

i hope you can read that sign. its worth it.

oh yeah happy st. patrick's day. i was at at fancy pizza restaurant on st. marks and two of the chefs vaulted their muscular italian bodies over the counter. i didn't know what was going on so i followed them outside and they were totally having a little wwf style rumble on the sidewalk with an intoxicated gentleman. the italians won not only the fight, but also my heart.

the new vice magazine is out. some guy ate whole fucking cow. and "the cruise" was released on dvd too. i've been waiting almost forever for that to happen. watch it watch it.


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