Sunday, February 26, 2006

this is a picture of alec fist fighting a midget. in this snapshot, the little man has just stepped back to wipe the blood from his brow and alec is preparing to deliver another blow. i thought the background was epic so i decided to point the camera in that direction. needless to say alec was defeated in a bloody scuffle and is currently in stable condition at the bellevue hospital center on 1st avenue.

do you know what this means? someone rides their sailboat in the east river. that's pretty fucking ridiculous.

this hearse-turned-pimp mobile was parked in the driveway next to that boat. it said "pimp inside" on the window and had a silver skull on the steering wheel. my favorite part was the lion king airbrush piece on the hood though.

since my building won't allow outside furniture inside, eric had to pay the parking garage guy $20 to hold it for him until he could sneak it into the building at like 3 in the morning. now they got a couch. sweet.

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