Monday, September 19, 2005

I have never heard the same sound come out of a siren twice in this City. There is some kind of emergency vehicle making an abundance of noise outside of my window every 10 minutes. Never once have have I heard two of the same sound. I kid you not. They are all different. I can't even go into classifying them. It would be impossible. I only got as far as: 1) Classic and 2) Warped/Modern. I couldn't possibly go into more detail. This is absolutely mind-blowing. Expect an interview or at least a summary of a conversation with a police officer or fireman in the near future. I am so motivated to investigate right now but I got some homework to do. Last night I was trying to go to sleep and I had to sneeze but I didn't want to wake my roommate up, so I sneezed into my pillow. I was real tired so I put my head back down and got my ear cold and wet and then couldn't fall asleep for an hour or so. Next time I will flip my pillow over. later dudes.

ps. is anyone out there?

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