Sunday, September 18, 2005


I think I left off saying that I would have something to write about when I got back. I'm back. First things first. Greg and I get off train at 125th St. We climb up the stairs out on the street and wait to cross the road when the drunkish guy next to me notices my skateboard. "Ohhhh, man. Gim me a ride. I wanna ride maaannn." I'm like, great, another drunk homeless person wants to ride my skateboard. But no. This was way better. I will try to repeat what he said to us as best I can, although the minor details may have slipped out of memory by now.

Me: "No. We gotta go now."

Big, black, drunk guy (gives me a high-five): "Yo maannn. I jusss, I jusss fucked 2 Puerta Rican girls in dat...see dat buildin across da street? In dat buildin man."

Me: "Noooo. Really?"

Big black drunk guy (now with a big smile): "Yeah man. I give em each 5 dollas and I fuck em in da ass. Yeah (mumbling) smokin crack, I give em some crack, I fuck em fo 5 dollas each."

Greg laughs.

Big black guy gives us high-fives again and we skate off.

After that we skated around a little and found a huge black pride parade. We sort of watched for a little while amongst the barbecues on the sidewalk. I almost bought a flag of "the motherland" from a guy walking around. He was selling some sort of African flag. It was cool, be we wanted to skate. We squeezed through the barriers and crossed the street in front of the NAACP march.

Then we were in a movie.

I had to sit on a wall and pick up my cell phone. Then I had to say, "No way!", hang up and turn to Greg and say, "You're not gonna believe this man!" When we signed release forms, Greg signed as "Greg Muska". Watch for his credit as "Skateboarder #2".

We skated at 111 Archer Avenue...

...on our way to learn frontside tailslides at some banks who wanted so badly to be Barcelona.

It's a homework night. Write to you later.

p.s. more next time-

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