Saturday, January 14, 2006

i went sledding in vermont. that's not me its jordan.

i was also in attendance at the governor's state of the state address. i suppose i am quite a cosmopolitan fellow. i even saw myself on tv the next day. my hair was fucking perfect.

there were like 300 stamps on the desk in front of the podium.

i worked at the video store too. it was great because i got to see all the people i didn't really like when i left and they could ask how i liked school and where, again, was i going, because they were trying to remember the other day but couldn't because they thought i was at northwestern but that was the other kyle. he didn't end up going to northwestern though so it couldn't have been either of us. anyway, that movie in the middle is called cocksmokers #7 because the first 6 were so well received.

we also had $550 worth of fireworks that needed shooting off so we got down to that business.

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