Friday, November 18, 2005

Sorry, no pictures. All of the pictures i took during halloween time were worthless because the camera jammed and didn't end up taking any pictures at all. So you're missing out on a few street fist fight pictures. Sorry. Its not been the best few weeks. My skateboard fell into the ocean last friday and sunk before i could jump in and save it. On a happier note, i'm making new friends every day and even found a few people who can bear to be near me for more than 10 consecutive minutes. Tonight i went to the Elf Power show and Jeff Mangum (Neutral Milk Hotel) walked on stage and sang 2 notes and then walked away. It was the weirdest moment becuase afterwards i thought about all that old video footage of the teenage girls crying at Elvis concerts and i almost understood them. Anyway, there was a band that played before Elf Power called King of France and they were amazing too. If the lead singer did stand-up comedy i would go. If you can find any of their music on the internet let me know because i can't even find their CDs. I'm going to Boston tomorrow on a Fung Wah bus, which i understand is quite an adventure. Going to be staying with my roommate's friend at college and i don't even have a sleeping bag. More stories soon. Maybe pictures too. I'd have to buy a new camera though. Maybe if you want to see more lame pictures send me money for a new point and shoot. It wouldn't take much, like the last one was only $2

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